Salad and starters

Mozzarella with a tomato-basil salsa, baby roman lettuce leaves, hazelnuts, balsamic vinegar and toast
6.00 €
Fresh goat’s cheese cake with hazelnuts, served with a strawberry salsa, rocket salad and balsamic vinegar reduction
5.40 €
Honey glazed fried goat cheese, served on toasted bread with arugula leaves, fig and walnuts
6.20 €
Green asparagus browned in butter, served with an egg boiled at 64°C, mushy peas, tomato salsa and leaf salad
6.50 €
Lettuce with avocado, tomatoes, basil-oil dressing and roasted hazelnuts
4.80 €


Tomato soup with basil sour cream and croutons
4.00 €

Main courses

Fried avocado with caramelized onions and Brie cheese, served with lettuce, fresh vegetables and basil oil dressing
7.80 €
Grilled vegetables and goat cheese in layers, served with
arugula pesto and roasted hazelnuts
6.80 €
Risotto with baked mushrooms, spinach, mascarpone, sun-dried tomato salsa and grated cheese
6.40 €