Lettuce with lightly fried salmon fillet, avocado, tomatoes and basil mayo sauce
6.20 €
Brown trout tartare, served with soft-boiled quail eggs, tomato salsa, a cucumber-yoghurt soup and toast
7.30 €
Leaf salad with alder-smoked duck breast, rhubarb and grilled red onions
7.20 €
Beef carpaccio, served with baked oyster mushrooms,
arugula leaves, hard cheese, truffle oil and toasted rye bread
7.60 €
Steak tartare with domestic fowl egg yolk, spicy sweet pepper purée, shallots, capers and croutons
8.20 €
Caesar salad with tiger prawn
6.80 €
Caesar salad with chicken or bacon
5.60 €
Mozzarella with a tomato-basil salsa, baby roman lettuce leaves, hazelnuts, balsamic vinegar and toast
6.00 €
Fresh goat’s cheese cake with hazelnuts, served with a strawberry salsa,
rocket salad and balsamic vinegar reduction
5.40 €
Honey glazed fried goat cheese, served on toasted bread with arugula leaves, fig and walnuts
6.20 €
Green asparagus browned in butter, served with an egg boiled at 64°C, mushy peas, tomato salsa and leaf salad
6.50 €
Lettuce with avocado, tomatoes, basil-oil dressing and roasted hazelnuts
4.80 €
Antipasto - for 2 persons, served with tapenade (vegetarian, meat, cheese or mix)
8.60 €
Antipasto - for 4 persons, served with tapenade (vegetarian, meat, cheese or mix)
15.00 €
Hummus with homemade bread croutons
2.80 €
Avocado guacamole with toasted homemade bread
3.50 €
Four types of tapas
6.00 €