We have a taste for food

Salads and starters

Caesar salad with tiger prawns
8.20 €
Caesar salad with chicken or bacon
7.10 €
Lightly salted salmon sandwiches with avocado gvacamoli
7.20 €
Hummus with dried tomato salsa served with carrot sticks and bread
4.60 €
Avocado guacamole with toasted homemade bread
4.60 €
Four types of tapas
8.50 €
Snack plate for 2 people Chicken BBQ wings, garlic toast, shrimp chips, yakitori chicken skewers, salty basket with cheese salad, mini burgers, cucumber and garlic sauces
13.50 €
Vegetarian plate for 2 Fried cheese, fresh carrot and cucumber sticks, cauliflower, breaded cornstarch, kimchi salad, avocado guacamole, humus, mushroom tapenade, falafel, home - baked bread, garlic and cucumber sauces
12.50 €
Antipasto for 2 Dried pork “Coppa Parma”, Prosciutto Crudo, Basturma, Brie, cheese Diablo, Pecorino Romano sheep's milk cheese, grissini Rubata with rosemary, olives, seasonal berries, cloudberry jam, fig jam
15.50 €


Chef’s style fish soup
6.70 €
Goulash soup with chickpea, sour cream and herbs
6.50 €
Ramen with tiger prawns, noodles, greens, mushrooms, carrots and slow-cooked eggs
7.50 €
Ramen with tofu, noodles, greens, mushrooms, carrots and slow-cooked eggs
6.50 €
Miso broth with chives
3.50 €