We have a taste for food

Salads and starters

Caesar salad with tiger prawns
7.90 €
Lettuce with lightly fried Arctic char fillet, quinoa, tomatoes, avocado and honey - balsamic vinaigrette sauce
7.90 €
Caesar salad with chicken or bacon
6.90 €
SSmoked beets with goat’s cheese, dill pesto, green apple – kohlrabi salad, apple cider jelly, hazelnuts and aragula
6.30 €
Haddock and Arctic char in a light citrus marinade with chili, fresh coriander, wind-dried tomato, cucumber and avocado sorbet
6.50 €
Toasted bread with fresh-salted Arctic char, avocado purée and leaf salad
6.20 €
Beef tartar with pickled vegetables, mustard, fresh tomato sauce and herbs
8.70 €
Anipasti for two persons - mixed or vegeretian
8.50 €
Anipasti for four persons - mixed or vegeretian
15.90 €
Hummus with dried tomato salsa and fresh vegetables
4.60 €
Avocado guacamole with toasted homemade bread
4.60 €
Four types of tapas (avocado, hummus, aubergine, olives and dried tomatoes)
7.20 €