Ēst ir mūsu gaumē

Fazenda offer of the month

Avocado – shrimp salad with rucola and cherry tomatoes
7.20 €

Spicy, cold kefir soup with fresh cucumbers, radishes, kinza and shrimp
4.90 €

Pork ribs in tomato marinade, served with lettuce in pesto sauce
6.50 €

Squash burger on home-baked onion bread, served with caramelized red onions, cowberry chutney, cheese, potatoes fried in rosemary and lettuce
5.00 €

Coffee Panna Cotta, served with mascarpone cheese and dark chocolate cream
4.50 €

Wine of week

Rosé wine - 2015 Sunset Point Zinfandel (semi dry) Puglia IGT, Italy 15cl / 75c
3.50 € / 16.00 €