We have a taste for food


Fried beef fillet steak with wild garlic butter, creamy spinach, mushrooms, celery and tubular bone sauce
17.90 €
Veal cheeks stewed in red wine, served with green peas, carrot purée, mushrooms and beer-pickled onions
11.20 €
Low–temperature-cooked duck fillet with orange glace and lavender, oven baked beet roots, cauliflower cream, fresh plum and spicy plum sauce
11.90 €
Low–temperature-cooked chicken gyros, served with cauliflower cream, sautéed chanterelle mushrooms, burned scallions, apple – kohlrabi salad and red wine sauce
7.90 €
Beef burger on home-baked onion bread, served with caramelised red onions, cowberry chutney, cheese, potatoes fried in rosemary and lettuce
7.50 €