We have a taste for food


Young beef cheeks in red wine with mashed potatoes, herbs and lingonberry chutney
10.50 €
BACON wrapped chicken fillet, stuffed with mozzarella cheese and sun dried tomatoes,served with beluga lentils and creamy cheese sauce
9.70 €
PORK medallions, kept in apple vinaigrette, with wild mushroom sauce,mashed potatoes and caper - herb salsa
10.50 €
BEEF steak served with cauliflower-almond puree, butter-fried vegetables and red wine sauce
17.90 €
Deer burger with caramelized onions, cheese, fried potatoes and remolade sauce
9.50 €
Caesar burger with chicken, anchovy sauce, bacon, fried potatoes and remolade sauce
9.50 €